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  4,000 Oil-Coated Birds Wash Up On HokkaidoMarch 28, 2006 16:44 A massive environmental disaster appears to have been covered up by Russia or Japan. Thousands of oil soaked bird carcasses have been washing up on the island of Hokkaido, including endangered species.
  Bush Reaffirms Pre-Emptive Use Of ForceMarch 16, 2006 21:40 Undaunted by the difficult war in
President Bush reaffirmed his strike-first policy against terrorists and enemy nations on Thursday and said
Iran may pose the biggest challenge for America.

In a 49-page national security report, the president said diplomacy is the U.S. preference in halting the spread of nuclear and other heinous weapons.

"The president believes that we must remember the clearest lesson of Sept. 11: that the United States of America must confront threats before they fully materialize," national security adviser
Stephen Hadley said.

"The president's strategy affirms that the doctrine of preemption remains sound and must remain an integral part of our national security strategy," Hadley said. "If necessary, the strategy states, under longstanding principles of self defense, we do not rule out the use of force before attacks occur, even if uncertainty remains as to the time and place of the enemy's attack."

  Saturn Moon May Have WaterMarch 09, 2006 21:06 A spacecraft orbiting Saturn may have made a stunning, textbook-altering discovery: liquid water spewing from the surface of one of the planet's frigid moons.
The geysers could be super-cold versions of Earth phenomena such as Yellowstone's Old Faithful.

  Dalai Lama Offers Lifeline To Indian TigerMarch 06, 2006 18:13 The Dalai Lama, Tibet's spiritual leader, has thrown a lifeline to India's dwindling tiger population after an emotional appeal to outlaw the trade in animal skins provoked an extraordinary reaction in his homeland.

All over Tibet, there have been reports of people burning wild animal furs since the Dalai Lama, the Himalayan region's exiled god-king, made his appeal at a Buddhist prayer meeting in southern India in January.

Thousands of Tibetans attended the festival and many carried the Dalai Lama's words back to their Himalayan homeland.

Conservationists say there has been a sharp rise in the poaching of tigers and leopards in India in recent years to feed an explosion of demand from Tibet. They say the tiger faced being wiped out in India as a result.

  Satellite Images Show Antarctic Ice Sheet Losing MassMarch 03, 2006 16:18 The Antarctic ice sheet is responsible for 90 percent of the world's ice. Studies over the past several years have showed that the sheet is losing mass, causing a rise in global sea surface levels.

But the conclusions have been reached based on snapshots of parts of the ice blanket, such as its thinning edges.

"But you know now what's going on which I think is pretty good," said Isabella Velicogna, who is with the University of Colorado's Cooperative Institute for Research and Environmental Sciences and lead scientist on the GRACE project, which stands for Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment.