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  Tom Delay Stays Focused On Re-Election BidJanuary 31, 2006 16:09

Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Tex.) spoke with Chris Matthews about the fight he ll wage for his seat in Texas, the landscape of politics in his state and his controversial trip to Scotland. DeLay says it is incredibly unfair to say he took a trip to Scotland as a junket and asserts that a legitimate conservative organization paid for the trip.

In this interview he also touts all the things the Republican's have gotten done, including paying down the national debt! What a laugh! They did that under Clinton because he refused to sign the federal budget until they agreed to cap spending.

Spend and spend Republicans. DeLay is the worst example.

  Cindy Sheehan Arrested In House GalleryJanuary 31, 2006 00:00 Peace activist Cindy Sheehan was arrested Tuesday in the House gallery after refusing to cover up a T-shirt bearing an anti-war slogan before President Bush's State of the Union address.

"She was asked to cover it up. She did not," said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman, adding that Sheehan was arrested for unlawful conduct, a misdemeanor.

The charge carries a maximum penalty of one year in jail, Schneider said.

  Lieberman and Kerry Need to Go AwayJanuary 30, 2006 18:38 Tired of flip-flopping Dems?

President Bush famously punctuated his State of the Union address last year by stepping from the podium, grabbing U.S. Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, D-Conn., by the head and planting a very enthusiastic smooch on his cheek.

The next day friend and fellow moderate U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., dubbed Lieberman "the Lone Ranger," because he stood alone applauding Bush among Democrats during the speech.

Then and increasingly since, Lieberman, arguably the standard-bearer for the moderate wing of his party, has been vilified by party liberals as a Republican in Democrat s clothing, or even worse, "Bush lite."

  State of the Union 2006... Bush Under FireJanuary 30, 2006 18:33 President George W. Bush gives his State of the Union speech tomorrow night facing an unpopular war, an ethical cloud shrouding his fellow Republicans and a midterm election that will decide whether the party keeps control of Congress.

The president has one formidable weapon available to meet these challenges: the ``bully pulpit'' of his office.

Tomorrow's address will provide clues to how Bush will use that weapon to persuade voters to stay with him and his party. A strong speech may set up a year that reverses the political damage of 2005, when setbacks drove his public approval ratings to the lowest of his presidency. Another such year, culminating in a Republican defeat in November, would reduce Bush's effectiveness in his last two years in office and may diminish his entire presidency.

  Replacing Bill Frist By Dustin HawkinsJanuary 27, 2006 17:20 With Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist not seeking re-election in 2006 due to a term-limit promise and a possible White House run, the Democratic Party is placing all hopes of snagging Tennessee s open seat on the shoulders of U.S. Representative Harold Ford Jr. But Republicans, who have held both U.S. Senate seats since 1994, have other plans for this red-leaning state that has voted for George W. Bush twice. Ford hopes to be the first Democrat to win a Senate seat in the state since Al Gore, a drought that has lasted 16 years.
  Majority Believe White House Should Release Abramoff RecordsJanuary 27, 2006 17:17 A strong bipartisan majority of the public believes President Bush should disclose all contacts between disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff and White House staffers despite administration claims that media requests for details about those contacts amount to a "fishing expedition," according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The survey found that three in four--76 percent--of all Americans said Bush should disclose contacts between aides and Abramoff while 18 percent disagreed. Two in three Republicans joined with eight in 10 Democrats and political independents in favoring disclosure, according to the poll.

Bush is refusing to release White House records that would show how many visits Abramoff made to the White House and how many times the disgraced lobbyist met with Bush.

  Reid Blasts BushJanuary 24, 2006 00:00 Senate Democratic Leader Harry Reid on Tuesday urged President George W. Bush to "swagger" less and show more honesty and humility in his annual State of the Union speech to the nation next week.

In a speech at a liberal think tank, Reid gave a scathing assessment of the state of the nation under Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress.

"Republicans run good campaigns, but when it comes to actually governing and protecting Americans, they have a record of incompetence," Reid told an audience at the Center for American Progress.

  Party-Line Vote Sends Alito To Supreme CourtJanuary 24, 2006 00:00 By a party-line vote, the Senate Judiciary Committee today approved the nomination of Samuel A. Alito Jr., to the U.S. Supreme Court. The 10-8 vote sent Alito's nomination to the full Senate, where he is expected to be confirmed, as quickly as later this week.

Despite their near-unanimous opposition to Alito, Democrats lack the votes in the full Senate to mount a filibuster against his nomination.

  Photos Show Bush With AbramoffJanuary 23, 2006 00:00 At least five photographs show President George Bush in the company of the disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, two US magazines report.
The White House has tried to play down any contact with Abramoff, who pleaded guilty to fraud charges this month and agreed to help prosecutors in a congressional corruption investigation.

  Rove Outlines Gop Strategy For 2006January 21, 2006 00:00 Presidential adviser Karl Rove addressed the Republican National Committee Friday, giving a road map for the party's strategy in the 2006 elections.
After beginning with a brief call for political civility, Rove spent the rest of his speech going after the Democratic Party, the New York Times reported. He accused Democrats of wanting to cut and run in Iraq.
  Evidence Of A Stolen Election By Paul Craig RobertsJanuary 20, 2006 00:00 The pre-election statement by Diebold s CEO that he would work to deliver the election to Bush was apparently no idle boast. In five states where the new "foolproof" electronic voting machines were used, the vote tallies differed substantially from the exit polls. Such a disparity is unusual. The chances of exit polls in five states being wrong are no more than one in one million.
  Site Targets Liberal ProfessorsJanuary 19, 2006 00:00 A Web site purporting to expose "UCLA's radical professors" and offering students cash payouts in return for information about their classes was thrust into the national spotlight Wednesday after a barrage of media coverage.

The site,, was launched just last month by the Bruin Alumni Association, a non-profit organization unrelated to the UCLA Alumni Association. The site was started by alumnus Andrew Jones with the goal of publicizing and reforming the "exploding crisis of political radicalism on campus," according to the Bruin Alumni Association Web site.

  Bush Hires Dissenters... ReallyJanuary 19, 2006 00:00 President George W. Bush disputed accusations he relies only on advisers who agreed with him and cited Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on Thursday as one "crusty old guy" who could freely offer opinions. Many Republicans and Democrats have said Bush was overly reliant on a tight group of key aides who rarely disagree with him, and that one result was U.S. involvement in the Iraq war over weapons of mass destruction that were never found.

  Rice for President? Ollie North for VP?January 19, 2006 00:00 The White House likes the idea of Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice running for president, even if Rice herself keeps saying no.

At a time when Republicans like Arizona Sen. John McCain are openly pondering a run for president in 2008, Rice's name keeps popping up at the White House.

All I can say is... Please, God, NO!

  The Return Of Bush's BrownshirtsJanuary 19, 2006 00:00 The corrupt Republicans who took office on a mandate of fighting corruption have launched yet another dirty smear campaign. We've become so used to Republican smear tactics that many Americans can no longer tell the difference between legitimate investigative reporting and a staged smear. It began with the Clintons, but it did not end there. In fact "they" saw how well it worked, and it has become Tool No. 1 in their box of tricks.

  Democrats Claim A Better Idea On Controlling LobbyingJanuary 19, 2006 00:00 Congressional Democrats proposed a lobbying overhaul on Wednesday that they said far exceeded new Republican proposals in curbing the influence of moneyed special interests on Capitol Hill. Also, check out the Rep's angry smear campaign. These guys are too much.
  No More Free Lunches In CongressJanuary 18, 2006 00:00 More on the proposed lobbying changes. Politicians would have to pay for their own lunches and privately funded "fact-finding" trips to warm-weather resorts would be curbed under proposed changes to rules for members of Congress.
  Obama Backs Clinton's Criticism Of GOPJanuary 18, 2006 00:00 Sen. Barack Obama on Wednesday defended Sen. Hillary Clinton for describing the House of Representatives as a "plantation," saying he felt her choice of words referred to a "consolidation of power" in Washington that squeezes out the voters.
  Democrats Should Learn To Love The Presidency, Even If They Hate This OneJanuary 18, 2006 00:00 Al Gore is a poster child for enmity toward the Republican party, especially the Nixon and BushW presidencies. Gore is stepping up the rhetoric and fellow Democrats are following, but they should remember that the presidency, in general, is a good thing.
  Republicans Propose Ethics OverhaulJanuary 18, 2006 00:00 Republican leaders in the House and Senate proposed overhauling rules that govern congressional relations with lobbyists Tuesday, but Democrats said the moves are too weak to head off a growing influence-peddling scandal.
  Hillary Stirs DebateJanuary 18, 2006 00:00 The furor over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's "plantation" comment is showing no sign of being gone with the wind.

In a fiery Martin Luther King day appearance at a Harlem church, New York's junior senator claimed Republican leaders run the House "like a plantation," quashing Democratic dissent. For good measure, she predicted the Bush White House will go down as "one of the worst" in history.

  White House Accuses Gore Of HypocrisyJanuary 17, 2006 00:00 The White House accused former Vice President Al Gore of hypocrisy Tuesday for his assertion that President Bush broke the law by eavesdropping on Americans without court approval.

Gore called the program, authorized by President Bush, 'a threat to the very structure of our government' and charged that the administration acted without congressional authority and made a 'direct assault' on a federal court set up to authorize requests to eavesdrop on Americans.

  Rep. Ney To Temporarily Cede Panel ChairJanuary 15, 2006 00:00 Rep. Bob Ney, an Ohio Republican implicated in the Jack Abramoff lobbying corruption investigation, said Sunday he will step aside temporarily as chairman of the House Administration Committee.
  Pro-Corporate, Anti-Environment, Anti-Women And Minorities: Should Alito Be On The Supreme Court?January 13, 2006 00:00 Samuel Alito is probably the best stealth candidate that Bush could have chosen to fill O'Connor's boots. Let's hope that he gets a stern introduction to the court by it's senior members if he passes the nomination process.
  The Year Of Living DangerouslyJanuary 13, 2006 00:00 In 2006, major political crises will be taking shape including a war over the balance of power in US government, increasing cost of the war in Iraq, and down and dirty political elections.
  The New Etiquette Of LobbyingJanuary 11, 2006 00:00 The rules of lobbying may and may not change in the post Jack Abramoff error, but everyone for the moment is checking the rule book and doing their best to stay in bounds.
  Democrat Asks Inquiry Into Ehrlich AideJanuary 10, 2006 00:00 The chairman of the Maryland Democratic Party asked the state prosecutor yesterday to investigate whether Edward B. Miller, deputy chief of staff to Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr., committed criminal wrongdoing in his work with Grassroots Interactive, the company he founded that played a part in lobbyist Jack Abramoff's elaborate scheme to defraud clients.
  Florida: Much Ado Over What's Now Taboo For LegislatorsJanuary 10, 2006 00:00 Florida passed an anti-lobbying and gift law for state legislators and now... they have no idea how to obey it. It seems lobbyists and legislators are really intertwined in the Sunshine State.
  Delay Tried, Failed To Aid Abramoff ClientJanuary 10, 2006 00:00 Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay tried to pressure the Bush administration into shutting down an Indian-owned casino that lobbyist Jack Abramoff wanted closed - shortly after a tribal client of Abramoff's donated to a DeLay political action committee, The Associated Press has learned.
  Potential House Majority Leaders are Same Old StuffJanuary 10, 2006 00:00 Representatives Roy Blunt of Missouri and John Boehner of Ohio, both Republicans who are in contention for the vacant House leadership role, share numerous lobbying and financial ties with embattled representative Tom DeLay. Same old stuff, if you know what I mean.
  Alito's Main Qualification: A Lot of ClassJanuary 09, 2006 00:00 President Bush seems to think that the Supreme Court is lacking class and that Judge Samuel Alito is the man to provide it. If that's Bush's major criterion for the Supreme Court, we're lost.
  DeLay Gives up House LeadershipJanuary 08, 2006 00:00 Rep. Tom DeLay, the defiant face of a conservative revolution in Congress, stepped down as House majority leader on Saturday under pressure from Republicans staggered by an election-year corruption scandal. Apparently DeLay views criminal charges as a mere distraction by his opponents.
  Scandalous! A Year Of Republican TreacheryJanuary 05, 2006 00:00 A list of some of the biggest scandals in the Republican party in 2005.
  Lobbyist's Guilty Plea Seen As Threat To Delay ReturnJanuary 05, 2006 00:00 House Republicans arranged an unusual monthlong January recess to give Representative Tom DeLay ample time to escape legal troubles in Texas and retake his post as majority leader. But a triumphant return was dashed this week when his longtime associate, Jack Abramoff, pleaded guilty to public corruption.
  Congress, The Fbi, And The Rule Of LawJanuary 05, 2006 00:00 To put it bluntly, we need an independent prosecutor to investigate the escalating corruption scandal in the Republican controlled congress.
  Bush, the Mushroom: They Keep Him in the Dark and Feed Him...January 04, 2006 00:00 Sadly amusing speculation on the reasons why Bush is so obviously deceitful. He's probably allowed him to become the first coprophagous president of the modern area because he granted too much power to Dick Cheney.
  Alito Gets High Marks From Bar AssociationJanuary 04, 2006 00:00 Judge Samuel Alito on Wednesday gained the American Bar Association's highest rating for a Supreme Court nominee, giving him a boost before next week's Senate confirmation hearings.
  Former House Speaker Gingrich Says Dump DeLayJanuary 04, 2006 00:00 Former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, suggested today that House Republicans are facing an uphill battle over the Abramoff scandal and that they need to dump Tom DeLay and elect a new Majority Leader who has fewer troubles to face.
  Bush To Give Away Abramoff DonationsJanuary 04, 2006 00:00 The President Bush election campaign will give thousands of dollars that the campaign received from Jack Abramoff to the American Heart Association. How can that be legal? If you gave me $100 in stolen cash and I then gave it to a church, I'd still be responsible for trafficking in stolen money. Hell... it's awfully close to money laundering, especially if I take a deduction for that money.
  Who Is Jack Abramoff?January 04, 2006 00:00 Interesting discussion about Jack Abramoff and his political history. Follow the money.
  Impeach Bush And Cheney Now!January 03, 2006 00:00 The Green Party in the US is advocating the impeachment of George Bush and Dick Cheney, citing numerous alleged high crimes and misdemeanors. The Greens claim that Bush has flouted the law and should be removed from office before more harm is done.
  G.O.P. Lobbyist Pleads Guilty In Deal With ProsecutorsJanuary 03, 2006 00:00 Jack Abramoff pleaded guilty to three felony counts in Washington today as part of a settlement with federal prosecutors, ending an intense, months-long negotiation over whether the Republican lobbyist would testify against his former colleagues.
  Question For Judge Alito: What About One Person One Vote?January 03, 2006 00:00 Danger from Samuel Alito's viewpoint on the Supreme Court could come not from his views on abortion, but from his views of how our representative system works.
  Issues That May Hit Home In 2006-Iraq, Economy, Politics Share Center StageJanuary 03, 2006 00:00 A brief article about some of the things that may impact our lives in 2006... a hard fought mid-term election is sure to be one of them.
  Abramoff Scandal May Have Far Reaching EffectsJanuary 03, 2006 00:00 The Jack Abramoff lobbying investigation may finally have the teeth it needs to really bite into some of our elected officials now that Abramoff himself has turned state's evidence.
  NYC Mayor Bloomberg Sworn In For 2nd TermJanuary 02, 2006 00:00 New York mayor Michael Bloomberg (R) has been sworn in for a second term with a fairly good amount of popularity and succes in his first term.
  Governor Should Honor LawJanuary 02, 2006 00:00 Alabama needs a governor who will uphold the rule of law and pay more attention to what the citizens need and less to what conservatives state the Bible requires.
  Voting Fraud in Ohio During the 2004 Elections?January 02, 2006 00:00 It seems that some still think that there may have been massive voting fraud and regulations violations in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election. Is there really smoke here and should it be investigated?