Recommended Iraq Policy: Get Out Now

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  Recommended Iraq Policy: Get Out NowDecember 02, 2006 23:41

The stupidity of the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq under false pretenses has only been trumped by the president's resolve to stay the course at any cost. I believe the cost is now tallied at over a billion a day for the global 'War on Terror,' not to mention the lives and limbs of thousands of US servicemen and servicewomen. The primary manifestation of this stay-the-course policy has been a continuous push against the obvious by the Bush team, mostly represented by lip service to concepts such as drawing down troop levels or diplomacy while in fact increasing troop levels and leaving our troops to become caught in the midst of a dirty civil war.

Given that no one seems to want the US troops to stay except the Iraqi prime minister who is using them as a diversionary presence (quite Machiavellian) while consolidating his own Shiite-affiliated power, it is time to draw our troops out. The US should draw back to Kuwait, the northern Kurdish region, and other friendly neighboring countries, providing humanitarian aid where requested and needed, but staying away from the crossfire of Sunni and Shiite militias.

Why not draw the troop levels down gradually? While we delay, we provide the breathing room for both warring parties to stockpile weapons, we allow militias to test tactics and strategy against the US military, and we needlessly maintain a pointless financial burden on the US.

Is an immediate withdrawal a retreat? No. Sadly for the everyday Iraqis who want peace, the powers-that-be in Iraq have demonstrated a refusal to show restraint and have willfully allowed the political situation to devolve into civil war.

It's time to take our toys and go home.