(Illegal) Immigrant National Boycott

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  (Illegal) Immigrant National BoycottMay 01, 2006 00:00 Today is the so-called Immigrant Boycott in the US. In my neck of the woods it seems hardly to have affected anything. Perhaps there is less traffic on the road, but that may be my imagination.

As a Democrat who lies far on the Left side of the fence, I feel that party affiliation alone should not force an immediate classification of my views in support of or against amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am an American citizen. My mother and her mother were born American citizens. All of my other direct 'ancestors' who immigrated to this country did so... get this... LEGALLY. My Irish great-grandparents moved here, and registered upon entry, for work and political reasons. My grandfather's family moved legally to Massachusetts from Canada for work. My father came to this country legally on an academic scholarship to pursue studies that were much harder to pursue in his home country. Are you getting the picture?

I'm offended that the organizers of the Illegal Immigrant Boycott intentionally mix terminology so as to characterize the proposed law changes in Congress to be against all immigrants. Immigrants are fine... selective immigration is good and healthy for the economy and is the foundation of our national culture. Illegal immigrants are, well, illegal. I understand that under equal protections we have to provide illegals with education, health care, and other social services. However, if you are here illegally and you are discovered, you should be sent back to your country of origin with no recourse to ever become a card-carrying US citizen. You break the law, you don't get to be a citizen. End of story.

The real problem is clearly not with the illegal immigrants themselves, but with our broken political, economic, and law enforcement systems that 1) fail to properly fund security initiatives aimed at reducing illegal immigration; 2) promote the use of illegal immigrants to unethically reduce business costs, often at the expense of the US taxpayer; and 3) fail to have a clear mandate for the identification, arrest, and deportation of illegal immigrants.

If illegal immigrants want to stop work for a day, go right ahead. While they're at it, why not stop work permanently and go home. Give us some breathing room here so that we can organize and vote into office some lawmakers who will fix the problems that our current politicians can't seem to be bothered with fixing.