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  FDA Official Resigns Over Contraceptive DecisionAugust 31, 2005 00:00 Susan Wood, director of FDA's Office of Women's Health, resigned promptly after the decision last week by FDA Commissioner Les Crawford to indefinitely postpone a decision to allow the morning-after-pill to be sold over-the-counter. In a statement that is frighteningly reminiscent of comments by disenfranchised scientists at NOAA and other federal agencies, Wood states 'I can no longer serve as staff when scientific and clinical evidence, fully evaluated and recommended for approval by the professional staff here, has been overruled.'
  We Can't Lose Sight of RealityAugust 30, 2005 00:00 The author of this column suggests that we often are highlighting the sensationalist issues while ignoring real problems. He addresses outcry over sex education compared to a lack of complaint over sex crimes in his area.
  Grass Roots Killing Reproductive FreedomsAugust 30, 2005 00:00 A surge in grass roots activism is killing a woman's right to abortion and contraception around the country. South Dakota has passed a law stating that it will ban abortion if Roe v. Wade is overturned. Other states require that fetal tissue be sent to law enforcement agencies or that women be informed that fetuses feel pain (disputed).
  FDA Delaying Decision on Morning After ContraceptiveAugust 30, 2005 00:00 Mike Leavitt, head of Health and Human Services, has defended the FDA's decision to postpone a decision about changing the prescription status of the morning after pill. Leavitt had previously promised action to Sens. Clinton and Murray in exchange for their approval of the appointment of Les Crawford as FDA commissioner in return for a promise of a prompt decision on the contraceptive.
  Womens' Rights Under FireAugust 26, 2005 00:00 Womens rights are increasingly under fire with the intent of keeping them second class and pregnant. Now even contraceptive rights are up for question in the political arena.
  ACLU Lawsuit Successfully Stops Federal Funding of SRTAugust 24, 2005 00:00 A lawsuit by the ACLU has forced the federal government to stop funding for the Silver Ring Thing (SRT), an overtly Christian group that promotes abstinence until marriage. Findings reported in the article suggest that teens who make pledges of abstinence are more likely to not use contraceptives and to engage in (risky) anal sex than teens who do not.
  Fetuses Can't Feel PainAugust 24, 2005 00:00 An apolitical scientific study on fetal neurology seems to show that fetuses before 20 weeks can't feel pain. The study has sparked more debate on the use of anethesia during abortions and on other aspects of the abortion debate.
  Conservative Claims Contraceptives To Blame for Sexual PromiscuityAugust 24, 2005 00:00 This conservative anti-reproductive-rights columnist seems to believe that contraceptives are to blame for sexual promiscuity and wants to return to a pre-1965 "time of virtuous sexual behavior." Apparently she hasn't heard of Kinsey.
  Gay Parents Responsible for Child SupportAugust 23, 2005 00:00 In an interesting twist that's hard to argue against from any position, California courts have decided to hold gay parents equally responsible for child support. This even applies to parents who are not biologically related to the child.
  Pat Robertson Violating Separation of Church and TaxesAugust 22, 2005 00:00 Pat Robertson is under fire from an independent religious watchdog group for attempting to profit from a nutritional drink that he advertises regularly on his tax-exempt 700 Club.
  Official Abortion Consent Website in AlaskaAugust 22, 2005 00:00 The Alaska state government has started an abortion consent and information website, as required by a new state law, designed to highlight alternatives to abortion and to provide prenatal developmental information.
  Fed Appeals Court Backs Military Abortion RestrictionsAugust 19, 2005 00:00 A federal appeals court has backed the military's policy of only providing insurance funding for abortions when the mother's life is at risk, even in a case where the fetus had a fatal defect.
  KS Atty General Attempts to Cut Abortion FundingAugust 19, 2005 00:00 Kansas Attourney General Phil Kline is suing the state governor and other officials to prevent the use of Medicaid funding to help poor women obtain abortions. Kline is attempting to apply a part of the state constitution that bans the destruction of 'men' to apply to humans at any stage in developement.
  Paris Hilton Angers PETAAugust 19, 2005 00:00 Hotel heiress Paris Hilton has angered PETA by dumping her dog Tinkerbell in favor of a slimmer chihuahua named Bambi. No joke on all counts.
  Gay Church Kicked Off Catholic GroundsAugust 18, 2005 00:00 The Archdiocese of New Orleans has broken the lease of the Metropolitan Community Church of Greater New Orleans, which is known to bless the unions of gays and lesbians. The Catholic Church feels that allowing the MCCGNO to continue in their lease on Church property would send a mixed message about their homophobia.
  Republican OH Governor Charged with Ethics ViolationsAugust 17, 2005 00:00 Ohio's Republican Governor Bob Taft has been charged with numerous ethics violations for failing to report multiple gifts and paid-for outings with campaign contributors.
  Prayer in School is OK if not SanctionedAugust 16, 2005 00:00 This article discusses some of the ways that school prayer may be acceptible, centering around (the lack of) official endorsement. Amen.
  Bush Administration Opposes .XXX DomainsAugust 16, 2005 00:00 The Bush administration is questioning the offering of .xxx Internet domain names because somehow the domain names could increase the spread of porn throughout US homes. The Bush administration believes it has unilateral authority to block the creation of the new domain suffix.
  US Lutheran Church Rejects Gay MarriageAugust 13, 2005 00:00 The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, the largest US Lutheran denomination, has passed a measure rejecting gay marriage, but allowing the 'blessing' of gay couples. The group also continued a ban on actively gay church members to become ministers.
  Kansas Education Board OK's Criticism of EvolutionAugust 10, 2005 00:00 The Kansas Board of Education has approved language in textbooks that will criticize evolution and open the door for discussion of Intelligent Design, discuised Creationism, in science classrooms.
  Dobson Compares Stem Cell Research to HolocaustAugust 07, 2005 00:00 Dr. James Dobson, a leader of the anti-womens-rights movement, has drawn fire from Jewish groups and others for comparing the destruction of embryos during stem cell research to the Nazi Holocaust.
  Santorum Might not be CreationistAugust 06, 2005 00:00 "Republican Sen. Rick Santorum, a possible 2008 presidential contender who faces a tough re-election fight next year in Pennsylvania, said intelligent design, which is backed by many religious conservatives, lacked scientific credibility and should not be taught in science classes."
  Bush Poll Ratings SlippingAugust 06, 2005 00:00 Less than 50% of Americans think that Bush is honest. That says that almost 50% of Americans need their head examined.
  Polls Confuse the IssueAugust 04, 2005 00:00 Polls, such as the one discussed in this oddly calculated articly, confuse the issue by assuming that if a majority say one thing, then it must be so or should be done. We live in a representative society where minority rights are protected. Get used to it.
  Bush: Give Equal Time to CreationismAugust 03, 2005 00:00 President Bush suggested in a Monday interview that competing theories of evolution should be given equal weight in school. I agree, one should be taught in science class, the other in religion class.
  CA Court Decision Broadens Gay RightsAugust 03, 2005 00:00 A California court decision has reinforced two laws that went into effect in the state this year, guaranteeing same-sex partners the same priviledges as opposite-sex married couples.
  Pataki's Turn to Flip FlopAugust 02, 2005 00:00 Lame-duck New York Governor George Pataki is copycatting Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in pandering to the Right by vetoing a bill that would provide women over-the-counter access to the 'morning after' pill. Pataki has also signed contraceptive legislation in the past, but this is a clear move to the Right in preparation for the 2008 campaign. Good thing his potential constituents are so stupid as to fall for it.
  Roberts would be 4th Catholic JudgeAugust 01, 2005 00:00 An interesting discussion of the pressures that will come to bear on John Roberts if approved as the 4th Catholic Justice on the current Supreme Court.