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  Bush Vetoes Stem Cell LegislationJune 20, 2007 16:47 President Bush has vetoed legislation lifting restrictions on federally funded medical research that uses cells from human embryos. VOA's Paula Wolfson reports defenders of embryonic stem cell research are vowing to fight on.

This is the second time in 11 months that President Bush has vetoed a stem cell bill.

Stem cells have the ability to regenerate into all kinds of specific cells in the human body, and scientists say they hold promise for breakthroughs in the treatment and prevention of serious diseases.

But President Bush says destroying an embryo to obtain its stem cells is tantamount to taking human life, and he says taxpayer money can not be used for this purpose.

"I made it clear to Congress and the American people I will not allow our nation to cross this moral line," said President Bush. "Last year, Congress passed a similar bill. I kept my promise by vetoing it. And today I am keeping my word again. I am vetoing the bill that Congress has sent."