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  Nebraska Lawmakers Pass Abortion Ultrasound BillMay 30, 2009 23:40 It's difficult enough...
Nebraska will soon require those performing abortions to display ultrasound images of fetuses in a way that the women can easily view them.

Lawmakers passed the bill (LB675) Friday afternoon on a 40-5 vote, and Gov. Dave Heineman signed it a short time later. Four senators did not vote.

Supporters of the bill introduced by Sen. Tony Fulton of Lincoln argued it would give women more information to consider before making decisions.

Others criticized the bill, saying it's government forcing itself into a private procedure that should be between a doctor and a patient.

But there was no debate Friday before final approval, as is the Legislature's practice.

The bill also would require the state to compile a list of clinics that offer free ultrasounds to women.
  Torture Prompts Soul-Searching Among Some ChristiansMay 22, 2009 13:56 Gotta love this line:

"A survey conducted by the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life found that white evangelical Christians are more likely to support torture than people who rarely or never attend religious services."