Homeland Security

  Army in Worst Recruiting Slump Since 1979September 30, 2005 00:00 The US Army is in its worst recruiting slump since 1979 causing government officials to question how the Army will fulfill it's international commitments.
  Halliburton Stock Doubles in Proportion to Troop DeathsSeptember 26, 2005 00:00 Halliburton stock and US troop deaths in Iraq have gone up at the same rate in the last year... they've both doubled. Halliburton has seen it's stock price triple since the start of the Iraq war.
  Sheehan Arrested in Front of White HouseSeptember 26, 2005 00:00 Anti-war protestor Cindy Sheehan was arrested without incident in front of the White House for protesting without a permit.
  Pentagon Misreporting Iraq SpendingSeptember 22, 2005 00:00 The Pentagon has agreed with a GAO report showing that neither the DOD nor Congress truly understand how much the war on terror is costing.
  Sheehan Speech Cut Short By Police in NYCSeptember 21, 2005 00:00 New York police cut short a speech by anti-war protester Cindy Sheehan and arrested the rally organizer for unpermited use of a bullhorn in New York at Manhattan's Union Square park.
  Conservatives Upset overy Meyer's AppointmentSeptember 21, 2005 00:00 Even conservatives have been upset over the appointment of apparently clueless 36-year-old Julie Meyers to head the department of Immigration and Customs. Meyers only real qualifications seem to be that she is the daughter of US Gen. Richard Meyers and wife of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff.
  Over 1900 US Military Deaths in IraqSeptember 20, 2005 00:00 There have been 1904 US military deaths in Iraq. The toll steadily creeps toward 2000 and does not include thousands who have likely died after being airlifted out of Iraq to Germany or other 'coalition' countries.
  Federal Judge Attempting to Suppress Fitzgerald IndictmentsSeptember 20, 2005 00:00 Federal Judge Mark R. Gilip is attempting to suppress the public's access to indictments of high level Bush administration officials being prepared by the Chicago grand jury investigating the Valerie Plame leak. 'The impending indictments reportedly name George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Ted Olson, John Ashcroft, Scooter Libby, Condeleezza Rice, among many others, for crimes which include perjury, obstruction of justice and treason for the outing of CIA agent Valerie Plame, in addition to other charges, all of which have been sitting idle with Judge Filip for several weeks now.'
  Halliburton Getting Testy Over Fradulent Charging AccusationsSeptember 19, 2005 00:00 Halliburton executives are getting snappy under repeated questioning about overcharging on government contracts in Iraq. This is despite a Defense Department audit that shows that the firm has attempted to charge the government for at least $422 million in improper charges.
  Hawkish Revision to Nuclear Rules of EngagementSeptember 11, 2005 00:00 The Pentagon proposed a revision of the rules of engagement for the use of nuclear weapons to include tactical use for preemptive strikes and to destroy known stockpiles of threatening weapons. Let's hope they don't use the Bush administrations definiton for 'known.'
  While George Played Guitar, Advisors Debated How to Respond to KatrinaSeptember 09, 2005 00:00 While President Bush played the guitar on his vacation, his advisors were caught in a debate regarding how and if they should seize control from the Governors of the Katrina-battered states.
  Depleted Uranium... A Topic for DiscussionSeptember 09, 2005 00:00 This author questions the use of depleted uranium on the battlefield in the middle east.
  War on Terror has US Public Health CostSeptember 09, 2005 00:00 The war on terror has contributed to declining funding for US public health and disaster preparedness, according to a leading health expert. Between a deviation in funds and the exaggeration of threats such as small pox, US money is not being spent in the most beneficial manner for the American citizen.
  You're a Week Late, DickSeptember 08, 2005 00:00 Vice President Dick Cheney will finally visit storm ravaged New Orleans today. Cheney will use his vast experience as a politician and CEO of Halliburton to help guide the cleanup efforts.
  Vice President Missing From Katrina ResponseSeptember 07, 2005 00:00 While the President had this to say about Trent Lott's destroyed house: ''Out of the rubbles of Trent Lott's house -- he's lost his entire house -- there's going to be a fantastic house,'' Bush said in Mobile. ''And I'm looking forward to sitting on the porch.''

Vice PResident Dick Cheney is MIA, hanging out on his own vacation in Wyoming and seemingly ignoring the catastrophe while considering buying a $3 million house in Virginia.

  Army Veteran Tells Troops Not to Obey Illegal OrdersSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 From the insight of years of military experience, this war veteran tells Iraq troops that they are bound by law NOT to follow illegal orders. The article also lists the following anti-war sites:








  Halliburton Profiteering on New Orleans AlreadySeptember 06, 2005 00:00 Halliburton, Dick Cheney's former company that still pays him deferred executive compensation, has been awarded at least one $500 million no-bid contract to rebuild Navy bases in the south east after hurricane Katrina. Way to go, Dick.
  Chertoff Clueless about HurricanesSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 Even the Right agrees that Director Michael Chertoff of the Department of Homeland Security was clueless about the potential danger to New Orleans of a strong storm like Katrina.
  Glenwood Springs Church Repels Assault by Liberal ProtestersSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 A church in Glenwood Springs, CO, has rescinded an offer to allow Cindy Sheehan to speak after key church members threatened to withdraw from the church organization completely. Money trumps speech yet again.
  War on Terror is War Against IslamSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 According to this wonderfully tolerant commentator, the war in Iraq and the War on Terror are about combatting the spread of Islam and not becoming slaves to Islamic Sharia law. The author seems to also miss the fact that the Viet Nam war was an ideological battle against the Communists who were enslaving the democratic South.