Homeland Security

  US President's Response to Katrina TerribleAugust 31, 2005 00:00 The US federal response to hurricane Katrina so far has been less than spectacular. With only 11,000 guardsmen, 8 swiftboats, and about 150 generators sent to the region, it's hard to understand how the US homeland security response is going to help 3 million displaced persons.
  Army Whistleblower DemotedAugust 29, 2005 00:00 Bunnatine H. Greenhouse, procurement officer for the Army for 20 years, was demoted for 'poor job performance'. She has been an outspoken critic of the Army's sole source award of billions of dollars of contracts to Halliburton.
  Defense Department Broke Law On Base ClosuresAugust 26, 2005 00:00 Courts ruled today that the Defense Department broke the law by authorizing closure of the 111th Fighter Wing is based at Willow Grove Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Air Base in Pennsylvania. The Pentagon has attempted to close the base without the governor's permission.
  FBI Requesting Library RecordsAugust 26, 2005 00:00 The FBI has requested records from a Connecticut library under the provisions of the USA Patriot Act. The records are said to be requested as part of a terrorism investigation.
  Chronology of the Rove-Libby CIA LeaksAugust 26, 2005 00:00 A detailed discussion of the treasonous actions of Karl Rove and Scooter Libby.
  US Iraq Death Toll at 1872August 26, 2005 00:00 The official US military death toll in Iraq is now 1872 soldiers.
  Bush on the Final Campaign Trail: Rescue Public OpinionAugust 25, 2005 00:00 President Bush 'campaigned' in Idaho yesterday at a rally that included military music and live soldiers standing in front of images of the airplane attacks of 9/11/2001. Bush is attempting to shore up support for the war in Iraq in the face of strong opposition from groups such as the Cindy Sheehan group stationed outside his Texas ranch.
  NY Subway Security: Lockheed Profiteering on War Fear?August 24, 2005 00:00 Lockheed Martin Corp. has been awarded a US$212 million project to build a security system for New York City's transit system. The security network will include cameras, sensors, and wide coverage of subways, bridges, and tunnels.
  'War on Terror' Keeping US Defense Firms AliveAugust 24, 2005 00:00 The US-led 'War on Terror' in Afghanistan is pouring billions of dollars each year into the pockets of the 10 largest defense contracting firms. The firms are flush with new projects, including massive self-propelled artillery vehicles that could never be used in a desert-warfare setting.
  Cleland Says Time to Pay Up or Get OutAugust 22, 2005 00:00 US Senator Max Cleland, a triple amputee from the Viet Nam war, stated this weekend that President Bush has failed to listen to his top generals on the requirements for the war in Iraq. Cleland also stated that we should either commit the greater troop strength required to stabilize Iraq or get out.
  Draft Dodger to Address VFWAugust 22, 2005 00:00 President Bush, who dodged the Viet Nam era draft, is headed to Salt Lake City to address the Veterans of Foreign Wars to rally support for his oil war in Iraq. Bush is taking a break from his five week vacation to address the convention.
  Cheney Defends Iraq WarAugust 19, 2005 00:00 US Vice President Dick Cheney defended the Iraq war in a speech to combat veternas, comparing it to the American Revolution and insisting that we need to honor fallen soldiers by winning the war. He seems to forget that the US revolution was all about kicking a foreign power consuming our natural resources out of the country.
  Chase Did Died for Greed: Uncle of Dead MarineAugust 17, 2005 00:00 The uncle of a dead marine describe's the marine's lack of confidence in his mission in Iraq and claims that our young people are dying to pad the wallets of our President and his friends.
  9/11 Panel Did not Get All the Info on AttaAugust 17, 2005 00:00 US Army Lt. Col. Shaffer claims that the 9/11 panel did not get all the information it needed regarding the defense intelligence 'Able Danger's information on Mohammed Atta before the terrorist attacks.
  "Pitcrew" of American War threatened by ClosureAugust 15, 2005 00:00 The Army and Marines primary armored vehicle construction and service location is threatened by base closure.
  Polls Show Declining Confidence in Bush WarsAugust 15, 2005 00:00 A variety of polls are showing a decline in US popular support and confidence for the Bush-initiated War on Terror. Polls indicate Americans believe that we are not necessarily winning the War and that an increasing percentage of the population believes Bush misled the country into war.
  US Troops Still Without Better Body ArmorAugust 14, 2005 00:00 Four years into the War on Terror and a year after the 'end of major combat operations' in Iraq, US troops remain without better body armor to protect them from IED's in Iraq. The issue, which was raised as a campaign issue, seems to float below the radar of many of the 'Support Our Troops' crowd.
  From Iraq to the Peace CorpsAugust 11, 2005 00:00 Apparently if the army actually ever lets you finish your active duty, you may be allowed to finish out your reserve requirements in the Peace Corps according to a recently passed law. Peace Corps advocates are upset because it could be a backdoor attempt to militarize the Peace Corps.
  Army to Miss Recruting GoalAugust 10, 2005 00:00 The US Army has recruited around 72,000 new personnel this year, short of it's goal of 80,000 to be recruited by the end of their fiscal year (Sept. 30). The Army provides the bulk of the military forces on the ground in Iraq.
  Scooter Met with Reporters Before ArticleAugust 10, 2005 00:00 VP Chief of Staff Scooter Libby met with reporters and discussed Valerie Plame almost immediately after Joe Wilson's story about the lack of intelligence on Iraq's nuclear program was published. A federal investigation seems to be narrowing in on the Vice President's office and the political machine as a clear intentional source for the outing of Plame as a CIA agent.
  Defense Intelligence Knew of Atta CellAugust 09, 2005 00:00 Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Curt Weldon claims that Defence Intelligence knew about the Mohammed Atta terrorist cell in the United States in 2000. Unfortunately it appears that the military intelligence group was warned that they could do nothing because the cell members were green card holders.
  US Army Corps Office Questions Halliburton ContractsAugust 06, 2005 00:00 US Army Corps of Engineers Principal Assistant Responsible for Contracting (PARC) Bunnatine "Bunny" Greenhouse is blowing the whistle on the administration's awards of contracts to Halliburton. Greenhouse has been appearing in front of congressional committees and CNN questioning the legality of the Halliburton awards.
  Cheney Should Spin Himself to JailAugust 04, 2005 00:00 In recent months dozens of US soldiers and thousands of Iraqis have died from 'insurgent' activity. Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is spinning his way out of it by repeating assertions that the Iraqi insurgency is in it's 'death throes.'
  Mother of Dead Soldier: Bush Administration is Murderous ThugsAugust 04, 2005 00:00 Cindy Sheehan, mother of a fallen US soldier, recounts the many ways that the greed of the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld team has been on a long path that has led us to war and to the loss of control of our government.
  Marines and Families Tired of Not Knowing WhyAugust 04, 2005 00:00 Marine families report being tired of reports of death in their Ohio unit. Families also report that their sons and daughters are losing faith in the mission.
  Rumsfeld: The Nation is at WarAugust 03, 2005 00:00 Speaking by phone to a gathering of Dallas business men, Donald Rumsfeld reaffirmed that the US is at war and that we are fighting the war on terror by going on the offensive in Iraq.
  Author Misses the Point: Iraq is an Excuse, not a CauseAugust 03, 2005 00:00 The author in this commentary misses the point. Iraq is not a cause for terrorism, it is an easy excuse. Unfortunately, though the author cites many different Western initiatives designed to help the Islamic world, many of those, including the occupation of Saudi Arabi during the first Gulf War, are not perceived by Muslim fundamentalists to be helpful.