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  Study Shows Limits Of Using 'War On Terror' To Promote Government PoliciesOctober 22, 1998 08:50 "The government can no longer rely solely on the 'war on terrorism' and 'national security' as arguments to maintain a crisis situation where local people willingly sacrifice protection of their 'homeland'," study author Dr. Kenneth S. Zagacki says.

The new study by Zagacki, professor and chair of NC State's Department of Communication, examines how citizens of rural Washington and Beaufort counties in North Carolina were able to compel the U.S. Navy not to build an outlying landing field (OLF) near the Pocosin Lakes National Wildlife Refuge. Zagacki explains that opponents of the OLF "defined themselves as patriotic, common-sense citizens trying to preserve their way of life, their farms and the nature reserve – and appeared more credible than the Navy representatives who tried to define the OLF debate largely as part of the war on terror."
  Salazar: Review Gi ViolenceOctober 19, 1998 11:08 U.S. Sen. Ken Salazar has asked the Army to review possible links between service by Fort Carson soldiers in Iraq and violent acts they are accused of committing, including the murder this month of a 19-year-old developmentally disabled woman.
Salazar announced Friday that he had sent a letter to Army Secretary Pete Geren requesting that he personally visit the base and initiate a comprehensive review of all violent acts by Fort Carson soldiers since they served in Iraq or Afghanistan.
The Colorado senator also asked the Army to do several other reviews, including whether soldiers allegedly involved in recent murders had been given criminal or medical waivers to fulfill recruitment quotas.
Salazar's remarks came as Fort Carson commander Maj. Gen. Mark Graham announced he has formed a task force to identify any commonalities among slayings allegedly committed by soldiers returning to the post from deployment.
"We have many great young Americans in our Army who have volunteered to serve during a time of war, almost all of whom are great citizens," Graham wrote. "However, we too are very concerned about these horrible acts."
Robert Hull Marko, 21, is being held in the El Paso County jail without bail for investigation of rape and murder in the slaying of Judilianna "Judi" Lawrence, 19, whose body was found Monday on Old Stage Road.