Domestic Policy

  Bennett Suggests that Birth of Black Babies Linked to Crime RateSeptember 30, 2005 00:00 Former Reagan Secretary of Education William Bennett suggested on his radio program that if every black baby in the country were aborted, that the crime rate would go down. While his remarks were meant to illustrated the difficulty of attempting to link abortion and crime rates, they were still unnecessarily inflammatory.
  Roberts Confirmed as Next US Supreme Court Chief JusticeSeptember 29, 2005 00:00 Judge John G. Roberts was approved today by a 78-22 vote in the US Senate to become the next US Supreme Court Chief Justice. Roberts becomes one of the youngest Chief Justices in American history.
  FEMA Desires to Reimburse Churches for CharitySeptember 28, 2005 00:00 Ignoring the separation of church and state, plus the fact that churches are tax-exempt organizations, FEMA is planning to offer reimbursement money to churches that participated in the Katrina and Rita cleanup efforts.
  Controversial FDA Commissioner Steps Down ImmediatelySeptember 26, 2005 00:00 Controversial FDA Commissioner Lester Crawford has abruptly resigned from his post. Crawford had a brief but stormy tenure as Commissioner, including an episode where he has been accused of lying to Senators over indefinitely delaying a decision by the FDA to make the 'morning after' pill available over-the-counter.
  California Town Discovers Money Trumps SpeechSeptember 26, 2005 00:00 Patrons of a public library in the California town of Ripon discovered that money trumps free speech any time. The city council moved to pull funding from the library when the library sponsored an event involving a self-proclaimed psychic.
  Litany of Administration Oportunism in Wake of KatrinaSeptember 26, 2005 00:00 This blogger lists the many ways that the Administration is attacking our societies fundamental operation in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Suspending wage requirements, anti-discrimination laws, and hiring illegal citizen laws merely top the list.
  Bush to Tap Strategic Petroleum ReserveSeptember 26, 2005 00:00 President Bush is preparing his governmet to again tap the nation's Strategic Petroleum Reserve to alleviate the pressure of gas shortages on consumer prices in the aftermath of two hurricanes. What Bush does not communicate is that he'll get to compensate his friends for any short term profit hit they take now by squeezing the consumer later by 'filling' back up the reserves. Ouch.
  Medical Spending a Top Priority for AmericansSeptember 21, 2005 00:00 US medical investment topped $94 billion in 2003, continuing a trend by the American people to prioritize medical spending and biomedical research.
  Republicans Combat Over Paying for KatrinaSeptember 21, 2005 00:00 Republican Senators, including John McCain and Trent Lott, are at odds with Bush and other high ranking Republicans over how to pay for the Katrina cleanup effort. Lott and McCain want to delay the implementation of the medicare prescription drug supplement by at least a year to pay for the cleanup. Bush and his cadre have suggested borrowing more money instead.
  White House Top Procurement Official ArrestedSeptember 20, 2005 00:00 A top White House procurement official has been arrested for lying and obstruction in connection with the Jack Abramoff scandal. David H. Safavian made repeated false statements to investigators and is the first federal-level official indicted in the Abramoff case.
  2006 Budget Deficit to Swell by 60% from KatrinaSeptember 19, 2005 00:00 One result of the hurricane Katrina recovery plan will be that the US budget deficit for 2006 is expected to swell 60% or by an additional $200 million. The Bush administration will probably not raise taxes to cover the deficit, so analysts expect further cuts.
  Incompetent Brownie Quits FEMASeptember 13, 2005 00:00 The head of FEMA and beneficiary of modern Republican nepotism, Mike Brown, resigned. Brown, also known as Brownie, faced intense criticism over his non-handling of the disaster after hurricane Katrina.
  The Buck Stops with BushSeptember 13, 2005 00:00 President Bush has declared his responsibility for failures in the federal government to adequately prepare and recover from the devestation wrought by hurricane Katrina. This marks the first time in memory that Bush has admitted a mistake. Let's hope it's not just for political reasons, although it is a brilliant, diffusing political move either way.

  Bush Suspends Davis-Bacon Act of 1931September 08, 2005 00:00 President Bush used hurricane Katrina as an excuse to indefinitely suspend the Davis-Bacon Act of 1931 that requires government contractors to pay the prevailing wage in the area where they are doing business. How criminal can this guy get?
  Pat Robertson: Katrina a Good Thing for RobertsSeptember 08, 2005 00:00 Pat Robertson has declared that hurricane Katrina was a good thing for John Roberts, who apparently will benefit from a decreased tolerance for inflamed rhetoric by the American people. Robertson is out to lunch; let's hope Roberts is not.
  Lobbying Groups Stand to Make Big Money on KatrinaSeptember 08, 2005 00:00 Lobbying groups, including an agency headed by a Bush fundraiser and the former head of FEMA, stand to make large amounts of money brokering the cleanup in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Some private corporations are making large donations to help in the recovery.
  Sexual Harassment Training For Firefighters?September 07, 2005 00:00 Clearly no one thinks that FEMA should be training 1400 volunteer firefighters to be community outreach specialists with sex-harassment training. What the heck are they thinking?
  Poverty Striking the Heart of AmericaSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 Poverty is rising under the Bush administration and the tax breaks that move money out of the lower class and into the upper class only worsen the lack of cohesiveness in our social fabric.
  Bush Nominates Roberts as Chief JusticeSeptember 05, 2005 00:00 President Bush has nominated Judge John Roberts to the seat of Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court after the passing of Chief Justice Rehnquist.
  Cover up on DOJ Racial Profiling StudySeptember 02, 2005 00:00 The director of the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS), Laurence A. Greenfield, was forced to resign after refusing to alter a press release that omitted DOJ findings that police activity around the nation has significant evidence of racial profiling.
  DNC Shows Spine!!! Asks Bush to Chastise Oil CompaniesSeptember 02, 2005 00:00 The DNC finally has come out and chastised the Bush administration for allowing oil companies to reap record profits while American consumers are struggling. Now, we need to tell Bush that the oil companies are truly price gouging at this troubling time in our history.