Domestic Policy

  Bush Releases Oil From Reserve in Response to Falling Poll NumbersAugust 31, 2005 00:00 The Bush administration, facing plummeting poll numbers due to high gas prices, is releasing oil from the SPR to at least one refinery that has asked for it.
  Loaning from Strategic Petroleum Reserve 'On the Table'August 29, 2005 00:00 The Bush Administration could 'loan' oil to the nation's consumer oil market. The term 'on the table' has become ubiquitous for 'we are not going to say yes or no' but there is increasing pressure to release some oil from the reserves in response to high gas prices and the current hurricane in the Gulf.
  Evolution is not AtheismAugust 29, 2005 00:00 By making a random connection between atheism and evolution, this 16 year old, home schooled author claims that by classifying atheism as a religion, the courts have made the teaching of evolution in schools unconstitutional. Huh???? The author needs to actually GO TO SCHOOL and actually LEARN about the differences between philosophical idealism and materialism. And I don't mean shoppying at Macy's.
  Connecticut Becomes First State to Challenge 'No Child'August 22, 2005 00:00 Connecticut became the first US state to challenge the 'No Child Left Behind' law. The CT attourney general claims that the law is forcing states to spend money on programs that are not scientifically proven and without providing adequate compensation for the spending.
  Racial Divide in HealthcareAugust 18, 2005 00:00 US blacks receive significantly poorer health care than whites and the divide is growing since the 1980's when it was first assessed.
  Title IX In JeopardyAugust 18, 2005 00:00 Title IX, the landmark legislation signed by President Nixon that provides equal funding for men's and women's highschool and college sports may be in jeopardy with the loss of Justice O'Connor and an executive order by the President that allows schools to change their reporting mechanism.
  Rove-Libby Treason is ProsecutableAugust 16, 2005 00:00 The treasonous leaks by Karl Rove and Scooter Libby may actually be prosecuted under the 1982 law designed to protect our official covert agents. The bottom line is that these darlings of our President's administration knew the information they were releasing was classified.
  Bush Lied about Social SecurityAugust 15, 2005 00:00 Mr. Krugman writes a compelling opinion piece about the original goals of Social Security and the President's misdirection. Krugman writes "the campaign for privatization provided an object lesson in how the administration sells its policies: by misrepresenting its goals, lying about the facts and abusing its control of government agencies." How true. How sad.
  Religious Group Needs a DictionaryAugust 15, 2005 00:00 The Christian sponsored "Justice Sunday" rally, televised yesterday, bashed the Supreme Court and seemed to miss the point. The Supreme Court actually does have the power to declare laws unconstitutional and does not just figure out how to apply signed law.
  Charges against AbramoffAugust 11, 2005 00:00 Jack Abramoff, advisor and shadowy financier for Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, is facing federal charges of bank fraud. Abramoff seems to be the fall guy for illegal campaign dealings and funding improprieties by DeLay.
  No Child Standards Unattainable in KansasAugust 10, 2005 00:00 Kansas Attorney General Phill Kline believes that the No Child Left Behind standards are unattainable and will result in millions of wasted dollars in Kansas. Compliance with the federal law has resulted in a 100% reading and math proficiency requirement for Kansas students.
  Bush Signs Useless Energy BillAugust 10, 2005 00:00 President Bush signed the Energy bill passed by Congress into law. The bill provides tax subsidies for oil companies who are alread showing record profits, while doing nothing to alter the country's oil-based energy economy.
  Bush Signs Pork-Laden $284B Highway BillAugust 10, 2005 00:00 President Bush signed into law a $284 billion highway spending that also funds over 6,000 pork projects. The Spend and Awe Republicans are starting to look like Roosevelt-style socialists.
  Pirro to Run against ClintonAugust 09, 2005 00:00 Westchester DA Jeanine Pirro is attacking Hillary Clinton in preparation for a Senate battle that is sure to be dirty. At best Pirro will make a mistake that will shore up Clinton's base. At worst, Pirro will force Clinton to run a negative campaign that will hurt any larger aspirations Clinton may have.
  Dean: GOP Will Try to Blame ImmigrantsAugust 06, 2005 00:00 By LYNN BREZOSKY, Associated Press Writer

(08-06) 05:30 PDT Edinburg, Texas (AP) --

Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean argued on Friday that Republicans will try to make immigrants the "scapegoats" in the next election.

At a rally, Dean garnered the loudest applause when he said Republicans would make immigration a pivotal issue during upcoming elections, as they did gay marriage and affirmative action in previous elections.

"Do you know who the scapegoats are going to be? Immigrants," he said. "In Colorado, the chairman of the Republican Party endorsed Tom Tancredo for re-election. That is morally reprehensible. The governor of California, a supposed moderate Republican, invited the Minutemen to visit California. We do not need vigilante justice."

Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., has drawn the ire of Hispanic groups in calling for tougher immigration enforcement and a proposal to tax some of the money immigrants send home. California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, in a radio interview in April, said the civilian border patrols known as the Minutemen "have done a terrific job."

Dean spoke at a rally on the eve of the Democratic National Committee's Hispanic Summit in San Antonio. Edinburg is located just a few miles north of the Mexican border and is more than 80 percent Mexican-American.

Dean also criticized President Bush, contending that the president rebuffed Mexican President Vicente Fox because of divisions over the Iraq war.

"A strong Mexico means a strong America, and our ties must not be based on the petulance of the president of the United States," Dean said.

Hollis Rutledge, chairman of the Hidalgo County Republican Party, said Dean's visit illustrates the inroads Republicans have made with Hispanic voters.

"One day of Republican-bashing won't make up for years of taking Hispanics for granted, and it cannot hide the fact that the Republican Party best represents the views and values of Hispanic Texans," Rutledge said.

  Bush Begins 5-Week Vacation in TexasAugust 06, 2005 00:00 Bush has begun a five week vacation in Texas, his adopted home. Bush, who makes approximately US$400,000/year in addition to his family wealth, gets far more vacation than most of the people who voted for him.
  Broke Bush Brings Back 30-year BondAugust 04, 2005 00:00 President Bush has brought back the 30-year bond to combat rising budget deficits. The 90's budget surplusses saw the retirement of the bond in 2001, but the need for cash has brought it back. The return of the 30-year bond is seen as a boon for mutual fund managers who look for long term, stable investments to balance portfolios.