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US Contracts with North Korea to Build Moat October 12, 2006 12:56

Under pressure from conservative and anti-illegal immigration groups, the Bush administration announced a plan to build a moat along the US and Mexican border. The US$799 billion dollar contract was awarded to Halliburton in a no bid process after a closed meeting of the House Appropriations Committee. After a search for cheap moat building services, Halliburton settled on a contract with the North Korean government of Kim Jung Il II to supply cheap, imprecise nuclear warheads that will be deto [more]

The Policy Institute

Recommended Iraq Policy: Get Out Now December 02, 2006 23:41

The stupidity of the Bush administration's invasion of Iraq under false pretenses has only been trumped by the president's resolve to stay the course at any cost. I believe the cost is now tallied at over a billion a day for the global 'War on Terror,' not to mention the lives and limbs of thousands of US servicemen and servicewomen. The primary manifestation of this stay-the-course policy has been a continuous push against the obvious by the Bush team, mostly represented by lip service to conc [more]

Made in the U.S.A.? August 24, 2006 08:55

When I was a child, there was a concerted effort by the US government, labor unions, and our mass media to boost the American economy by encouraging people to 'buy American.' What's the big deal, you ask? Why is it important? The concept behind the movement was that, even in those pre-NAFTA and pre-CAFTA days, US manufacturing jobs were being lost to cheaper alternatives overseas, thus if we could encourage people to pay a premium to buy American, we would create jobs and stimulate innovation [more]

(Illegal) Immigrant National Boycott May 01, 2006 00:00

Today is the so-called Immigrant Boycott in the US. In my neck of the woods it seems hardly to have affected anything. Perhaps there is less traffic on the road, but that may be my imagination. As a Democrat who lies far on the Left side of the fence, I feel that party affiliation alone should not force an immediate classification of my views in support of or against amnesty for illegal immigrants. I am an American citizen. My mother and her mother were born American citizens. All of my oth [more]

Benefits of Global Destabilization? April 04, 2006 16:30

George W. Bush should be very proud of himself for winding down his 8 years in office with 1) Iraq on the brink of civil war, 2) Afghanistan deteriorating into sectarian politics, 3) the India-Pakistan relationship deteriorating because of a proposed US-India extra-NPT nuclear deal, 4) Turkey being accepted into the EU with US help, 5) and two countries, Iran and Venezuela, developing weapons and armies specifically to counter a perceived threat of US aggression. Did Republican voters really sig [more]

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Down with the right wing October 26, 2006 11:26

Down with the Right Wing!... [more]

Hello October 26, 2006 11:24

Nice Site! Keep it up.... [more]

Please sign our guestbook June 04, 2006 00:00

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Drafted! Jenna and Barbara in Iran

Jenna and Barbara Bush Drafted For War in Iran March 23, 2009 00:00

J: Hello. This is Jen. B: And this is Barbi. This is our journal where we'll be talking about fashion, partying, and our horrible deployment to Iran to fight in the War on Terror. J: You see, Daddy was unable to change the law so that he could serve a third term in office and mean President Hillary Clinton claimed that she was forced to institute a draft B: Yeah. She said that the USA didn't have enough troops to fight in Iraq, Syria, North Korea, Afghanistan, and south central LA, all [more]

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Political Dictionary

Confidence December 20, 2006 20:22

A term used by George W. Bush to avoid further questions on his relationship with a polit... [more]

Congress November 02, 2006 11:07

The Congress of the United States is the legislative branch of the federal government of t... [more]

Cowboy Up February 06, 2006 00:00

This phrase was used by George W. Bush after the attacks of September 11, 2001. The expre... [more]

Critical Tool March 03, 2006 16:32

A 'critical tool' is an action, policy, or asset, widely believed to be amoral or illegal,... [more]

Dead or Alive February 07, 2006 05:16

Term used by president George W. Bush after September 11, 2001 to imply that Osama Bin Lad... [more]

Democrat Party September 03, 2006 22:49

The Republican Party seems to be systematically attempting to rename the Democratic Party... [more]

Enemy, The February 06, 2006 00:00

"The Enemy" is an abstract term used by the Bush Administration to refer to any person, or... [more]

Entitlement Program February 06, 2006 15:39

An Entitlement Program is considered to be government spending on anything that a competit... [more]

Executive Privilege March 20, 2007 11:23

A presidential right to be asserted whenever it is necessary to squash public discourse o... [more]

Federal Budget Deficit February 06, 2006 15:46

The Federal Budget Deficit is the amount of money that the Federal government spends above... [more]

Open Letters to Our Leaders

Take Action: We Need The Dog And Cat Fur Prohibition Enforcement Act Of 2007 February 23, 2007 16:26

Dog fur is being sold in the United States on fur jackets that are not labeled. Dog fur is also being sold as faux fur.

Raccoon dog fur is being sold nationwide on jackets that are not labeled. Raccoon dog fur is also being sold as faux fur, raccoon fur, or coyote fur.

Approximately one out of seven fur products sold in the United States are not required to have a label that tells consumers that they are buying real fur, the species, or the country the animal was ki [more]


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