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  Wallace and Fox on the Offensive...September 25, 2006 23:53 ...and I mean offensive! Fox News tonight was defending Chris Wallace Right, left, and center in an attempt to defend him after former president Bill Clinton hammered him this weekend. It's just incredible that a national news agency can out-take a president to make him look bad, then go on the attack with selected news clips to claim that he didn't do his job 6 years ago. Somewhat disrespectful, don't you think?
  Best Friends Animal Society Home PageSeptember 21, 2006 20:39 I like this site very much. Responsible pet ownership is a sign of responsible people.
  Wild Animal Sanctuary May Be ClosingSeptember 21, 2006 20:34 One of the largest wildlife sanctuaries in the country may be closing due to lack of funding... sad!
  GOP Reviews Bush's Offer For Prosecuting DetaineesSeptember 20, 2006 11:30

How can a US president actually be suggesting the following:

  • Foreign prisoners in US custody have fewer rights than US citizens in US custody
  • US detention centers in Foreign countries don't need to obey the US constitution
  • Prisoners should not be able to see the evidence against them
  • The US Courts should not interfere when human rights are being violated
  • It's ok to invade the phone calls and privacy of US citizens without a court order and in violation of US law

If president Bush doesn't like US law... why doesn't he move to Iran or North Korea where they obviously practice laws and morals that are more in line with his own philosophy?