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  Drug Testing for Senate, Judiciary, House, and PresidencySeptember 30, 2005 00:00 I couldn't believe it this week when I saw that John McCain, VietNam veteran who was a POW for half a decade, was presiding over more hearings about steroid use in baseball. If McCain and other Senate Republicans want to set a moral example for others, they should pass a law requiring all Senate, House, Judiciary, and Presidential candidates to pass illegal drug screenings. Our elected officials should be more above the law than baseball players. But no... we can have a druggie for a president, numerous alcoholics in Congress, and a shadowy judiciary and that's fine. The baseball hearings are an outrageous waste of taxpayer money. Senator McCain, if you want to set an example, test yourself!
  Stiff Fines for Corporate LootersSeptember 20, 2005 00:00 NPR reported this morning that some lawyers and judges believe that the sentences being handed down to criminal executives such as Dennis Kozlowski and Mark Swartz have been excessive. The comment was made that, after all, it's not like they had perpetrated rape or murder. These two in particular have been senteneced to 8+ years in prison for the combined looting of $600 million in investor money out of Tyco. Give me a break. Juries typically award a million or two in cases of wrongful death or rape. By my calculation, that means that Kozlowski and Swartz commited approximately 300 rapes and murders. If someone can steal an amount of money that is equal to approximately 56000 times the annual salary of someone on minimum wage, then I think they should be sent away for 56000 consecutive life terms. These guys are major thieves! How can anyone in the judicial system possibly state that the punnishment doesn't fit the crime. I don't buy it.
  Political humor siteSeptember 12, 2005 00:00 Check it out, funny pictures and more:
  Interesting blogSeptember 06, 2005 00:00 http://www.waynemadsenreport.com/
  Why is oil the focus???September 02, 2005 00:00 A couple of years ago, I noticed that NPR morning broadcasts began and ended with the status of the Dow Industrials Average. After traveling around to a couple of different countries and hearing about how consumerist Americans were, I realized that not all countries begin and end news broadcasts with statements on the financial markets. We are consumer/capital driven.

Now however, everywhere you turn, it's oil. How can this be? Why is oil so important that the average citizen needs to know the price of oil per barrell (which is actually only a future prediction, in some cases) or the average price at the pump across the whole United States. It boggles the mind that people aren't more concerned about real issues, such as the rising crime rate in the US, the increasing number of dead soldiers in Iraq, and the rising cost of average-family-consumables, such as bread, milk, and eggs.

On one hand the oil discussion is a diversion, distracting us from the wholesale pillaging of the country going on by the Right leadership. On the other hand, it's a marketing campaign made to force us to believe that oil is the all powerful, all important driver of our desires and pains. How pathetic that the US citizen is so malleable as to belive this Big Lie. Gas is important. However, it is but one cost in a host of daily costs that is driving the middle class to be poorer and further-enriching the ultra-rich. Average housing prices have eclipsed the median family income in most areas. School supplies are so pricey that most public schools now require parents or teachers to provide them. We are being distracted from the real issues, and until the bulk of us focus for a second and pay attention, our rights and savings will continue to be distracted away from us.