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  The killer B's: Blair, Bush, and BerlusconiMarch 27, 2006 23:18 After a recent trip to Europe, it's safe to say that our president Bush is not the only power-hungry, megalomaniac who is hated worldwide. Tony Blair and Silvio Berlusconi have the same cartoonish presences in their own countries... Blair pounding on about the War on Terror and Berlusconi slathering about communists to the point where his own people make political plays and jokes about communists under the sheets in every house.

The Europeans we met seemed genuinely concerned that the US had taken a downturn in public opinion under George Bush, but also to empathize because, well, they have some sucky leaders, too. It's a testament to human understanding and compassion that no one associated us immediately with our money-grubbing president, but, instead, sympathized with our plight.

If only we could all have good leaders.

  Is President Bush Seeking Impeachment?March 08, 2006 15:43 How I wish it were so...
  Gunmen Attack Small Town East Of Baghdad, Killing At Least 18March 03, 2006 16:25 So now the Iraqi police are afraid to defend some small towns and roads... is the US going to step up to help manage the mess we've made or are we going to pull out? Mr. Bush may claim to be doing the hard work, but is not making the hard decisions.
  FOIA Request FormMarch 01, 2006 20:12 Sign this Freedom of Information Request and pass it on...