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  Highest Wounded-to-Killed RatioFebruary 28, 2007 11:46

I heard an interesting stat the other day that I'd like to have confirmed. Apparently the Iraq war has led to the highest wounded-to-killed ratio of any major conflict in human history. Yikes.

  Morgan's Inflation CalculatorFebruary 14, 2007 21:44 Ever wonder when someone says that something would have cost $5000 in 1941 how much that same item might cost these days? This particular number combination came up when I read about a deposit that Anne Frank's father was begging for to try to get a visa to leave the country with his two daughters. Morgan's Inflation Calculator is a great way to see what things cost in values that you and I can conceive of.

(In the Frank's case, $5000 in 1941 would have been about $65000 in 2005. Ouch.)

  Internet's Behind-The-Scenes Protectors Foil AttackFebruary 08, 2007 16:05

Maybe it's farfetched and, as they say, Chinese are some of my best friends, but given the recent satellite attack, if this is a group of Chinese hackers, then maybe they could be going after something really big...
A hacker attack on the Internet failed this week — but experts warn there could be more to come.
Three of the 13 computers that help direct all Internet traffic were hit with a flood of data requests Tuesday. Although it's not yet clear where the torrent came from, it was most likely designed to overwhelm the computers, says Peter Reiher, a professor at UCLA's engineering school.
Hackers commonly use this approach, called a denial of service attack, to cause computers to slow down or crash.
If the attack had been successful, Internet traffic might have slowed to a crawl. But the technical groups that quietly run the Internet behind the scenes have built a system designed to reroute traffic during an attack. It appeared to have worked, since few users noticed any slowdown, says Edward Naughton, a Boston-based lawyer at Holland & Knight who specializes in Internet issues.
"It's an indication that the system is well designed," he says.

Feb 28:

Add to that the government manipulation that caused this weeks buckle in the Chinese and then US and EU stock markets and you really start to wonder what the heck is up?