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  Misc items...February 28, 2006 15:46 NPR this morning had an interesting article about the violence in Iraq. At this point over 1300 Iraqis have been killed in the civil unrest following mosque bombings last week...

A very happy birthday shout goes out to Jack Abramoff. We hope he gets all we wish for him in his 48th year...

Finally, the discussion about the US change to look for coalition partners going forward in the war on terror is incredible. It points out, bluntly, the administration's great hubris in assuming that the US would be the infinitely supreme power. Instead, they have bankrupted us, stretched us thin, and worsened our international reputation. I can't wait to see what kind of damage Bush can do in his last 3 years in office...

  Liberal Border Collies of the World Unite!February 14, 2006 00:00
Image page[Gia, Watching Democracy NOW! TV]
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Gia, Watching Democracy NOW! TV
This is Gia, a liberal border collie who appreciated our bumper stickers and is most definitely smarter than our president. If you have a favorite dog, cat, gerbil, or parakeet who you think is smarter than the president... send us a photo! Note that I've replaced @ and . to avoid some spam.

Email me your liberal dog photo!

  Milo Has a MySpace.Com page nowFebruary 12, 2006 18:38 Check it out... Milo is blogging on Myspace now...
  Why We Fight - A Film By Eugene JareckiFebruary 07, 2006 22:27 Check out this independent feature that discusses the profitable US military machine and some of the reasons for why the US is in perpetual war these days.

Also seen at http://www.whywefight.com.

  Moveon.Org: George W. Bush Is Breaking The LawFebruary 07, 2006 18:13 You've gotta love this ad that morphs W in to Nixon. The sad thing is that Nixon was actually better on the environment than W!!!!!!!