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  Defenders Of Wildlife "Toast the Earth with Exxon Mobil"January 30, 2006 21:11 DOW has participated with others to put together a Flash animation poking serious fun at Exxon Mobil, who made $1000 in profit last year for every American man, woman, and child below the poverty line. That's $36 billion in profit if you don't catch my drift.
  Why is Bush Not Doing His Job?January 23, 2006 00:00 It seems that president Bush is so busy convincing us that he is doing a good job, that he is not actually DOING his job. Why should our 'leader' be spending our tax dollars flitting around the country campaigning simply to raise his own poll numbers. The gross waste of hard-won American money is outrageous.
  50 Cent, The War Profiteer And The $10 Million Brat MitzvahJanuary 12, 2006 00:00 Steve is going to comment on this, but it's sickening!!!!
  Happy New YearJanuary 01, 2006 00:00 Happy 2006 New Year to everyone, left and right, liberal and conservative, Republican and Democrat. Let's make 2006 the year of Getting Things Done Right.